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The Dell XPS 8930 Tower Desktop PC

Dell XPS 8930 Desktop Tower Computer

The XPS 8930 is the latest version of Dell's powerful and stylish XPS tower desktop computer range. It is powered by the 8th Generation Six-Core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. Dedicated graphics cards come from the Nvidia GeForce range (currently up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1070). There are options for fast SSD hard drives and it has a massive memory capacity of 64GB DDR4 2133MHz.

The XPS 8930 has a plethora of ports which include USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Display Port and HDMI. A DVD writer comes as standard. Some configurations are Oculus Certified VR Ready.

All of the current deals and E-Value codes from the Dell UK website can be found and compared in the tables below along with any current discount codes. We also compare any configurations that are available to buy from the top Dell XPS Desktop PC resellers in the UK.

Dell XPS 8930 Discount Coupons

From time to time Dell UK release coupons that you can use in your shopping basket to get a cheaper price on your selected purchase. We constantly search for these and any current and working ones for the XPS 8930 deals listed below from the Dell UK online store will be listed here.

There are no discount codes available today, however there is a £150 discount promotion on select products. (Dell UK Store only)

Dell XPS 8930 Deals and Special Offers

XPS 8930 Model
Order Code
Cheapest Price
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89301
Order Code:
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89302
Order Code:
£150 Discount!
XPS 8930 i5/8GB/1TB
XPS 8930 i5/8GB/1TB
XPS 8930 i5/8GB/1TB
XPS 8930 i5/8GB/1TB
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89305
Order Code:
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89309
Order Code:
XPS 8930 i7/8GB/1TB
XPS 8930 i7/8GB/1TB
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89306
Order Code:
Dell XPS 8930 Desktop PC
Dell XPS 8930
Desktop PC
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89310
Order Code:
XPS 8930 i7 16GB/256GB/1060
XPS 8930 i7 16GB/256GB/1060
XPS 8930 i7 16GB/256GB/1070
XPS 8930 i7 16GB/256GB/1070
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89317
Order Code:
Dell XPS 8930 CDX89318
Order Code:

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