Dell Streak Latest Deal Updates (Thursday, 8th December 2011)
Dell Streak Tablet Computer

Dell Streak Tablet - UK Deals, Reviews and Specifications

The Dell Streak is a Tablet Computer/ Smartphone available in 5" and 7" versions that are powered by a 1GHz ARM based Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 based NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor respectively. Both models run the Google Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. The Dell Streaks's clear and vibrant screen is made of the toughened and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass.

The Dell Streak offers both Wi-fi and 3G connectivity plus a 5MP auto-focusing camera on it's back with a VGA camera on it's front.

Full specifications & Customer Reviews for the Dell Streak here: Dell Streak Tablet | Dell Streak 7 Tablet

Dell Streak Reviews

There have already been some really good in-depth reviews of the Streak Tablet including these from Engadget here: Engadget Streak Review, SlashGear here: Slashgear Streak Review and Techworld here: Slashgear Review of The Dell Streak.

Dell Streak Deals

We have listed all available evalue deals for the Dell Streak Tablet Computer in the table below.

Dell Streak Coupons

Whenever Dell UK release any Coupons for use with the Dell Streak, WE KNOW and we will list them for you right here to help you maximize your savings. At this time however there are none available.STREAK COUPON

The Dell Streak is no longer available to order online. Please call 0121-361-2467 for details how to order.

Dell Streak Accessories

Dell have a range of accessories available for the Streak including a Car Dock Kit, Home AV Dock Kit, Extra battery kit and a Leather Wallet Kit. You can find all of the accessories on the Dell UK website here: Dell Streak Accessories